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Vote For Hillary If...

The question every voter, regardless of past political associations, should ask themselves before going to the polls is: Can America survive another four years of Obama-like foreign and domestic policies under Hillary Clinton?

Failed policies that have given rise to the spread of Radial Islam throughout the Middle East and brought it to our shores. And far-left leaning policies that have driven America (way too far) down a path of destruction and anti-Americanism.

Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s policies and personal actions have also deepened the racial divide in America rather than bring us together as a nation of one people. Aided by the ever fawning leftwing media, they have fanned the flames of racial unrest at every opportunity.

The tone of their public statements in the aftermath of many of the police shootings of “unarmed” (not all were unarmed) black men, who for the most part do not follow the instructions of the officers, only encourages the rioting, looting, and murders of policemen that have become the norm rather than the exception across the country.

When you have “leaders” who are lawless (circumventing the Constitution at every opportunity) and lending their approval to crimes against communities and law enforcement as Hillary and Obama have done, you will have a nation of lawless people.

Furthermore, if elected, Hillary promises to expand Obama-care (a dismal failure) and follow Obama’s plan to bring sixty-five thousand more Syrian “refugees” into our country. Most of whom are young, single men in their mid twenties and thirties, not families as the biased mainstream media portrays them to be.

At one recent political rally Hillary stated she’ll raise taxes on the middle class. A Freudian slip of the tongue? Perhaps. I would ask, “What middle class?” And let us not forget what a miserable failure she was as Secretary of State. Remember Benghazi?

A nation without borders as America has become under the Obama administration cannot long survive. Hillary says she will follow Obama’s policy of “catch and release” when dealing with illegal aliens and supports sanctuary cities. She will open our nation to more refugees who for the most part do not assimilate into our society.

In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt said, “We should insist that the immigrant who comes here in good faith (legally) becomes an American and assimilates himself to us. He shall be on an exact equality with everyone else, BUT this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be NO divided allegiance here.” (emphasis added)

At the end of the twentieth century, and now a decade and a half into the 21st century, the leftist advocates of globalism have clearly not followed Roosevelt’s wise counsel. Instead, President Obama stated soon after becoming the first African-American president that “we should become more like Europe.” Hillary believes this also, and will no doubt follow in Obama’s footsteps with this failed policy, too.

In what way should we become like Europe, Sir? Madam Secretary? Do we really want to follow the lead of the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and many other European nations where illegal immigration, globalism and multiculturalism have already failed?

Even though their agenda smacks of mindless idiocy, Obama, Hillary Clinton and others of their ilk are steadily pushing this lunacy on the American people by choking “we the people” and our culture to death with their so-called immigration and refugee policies.

We should ask these bleeding-heart leftwing advocates of forced multiculturalism why most of the Muslim immigrants and refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East refuse to assimilate themselves into our society. Instead they insist on importing their cultures of hatred and intolerance to America.

Under Islamic law, which many countries in this region fanatically adhere to, it is a current practice to forcibly mutilate young female genitalia. Women are also prohibited from driving, seeking gainful employment or getting an education. Any female caught in the act of adultery faces a death sentence. What about the man? Nope! In some of these countries, homosexuality is also a crime punishable by death.

One might ask, “Where are all the gay rights people?” Why aren’t they over there marching and protesting? And what of Hillary? She’s supposed to be all about women’s rights. Why has she kept quiet about the abuse suffered by women in the Middle East? The reason is because “gays” know they would be killed over there, and Hillary has received mucho dinero via the Clinton Foundation from some of those countries.

The willingness to permit others who disagree with them to go their own way is sorely lacking in these new “immigrants.” The pursuit of “Life, Liberty and Happiness” is not their vision, but worldwide conversion to their faith is. Anyone not of their faith is considered an infidel. Those refusing to convert are murdered or expelled from the country when Islam becomes the dominate form of government. In many European countries, chiefly Britain, France and Sweden, there exists what are called “no-go zones.” Shariah Law has been established by the large legal and illegal “immigrant” populations and civil authorities are not allowed to enter. In these lawless areas, trying to convert Muslims to Christianity is a crime and by simply handing out Christian Bibles one is likely to become a victim of violence or murdered.

Is this the “vision” that Obama and Hillary Clinton share for America? I’m sure the European people who are now facing the “change” in their nations were only trying to do “the right thing” and help the poor refugees and immigrants like America is doing today. Do we really want to go down the same failed path as Europe?

As I write this, the Obama administration is working overtime to bring the aforementioned sixty-five thousand Syrian refugees to join the ten to twenty thousand already housed at taxpayer expense in communities all over the United States.

I can sympathize with families wishing to escape their war ravaged nations, but under the ever present threat of worldwide terrorist organizations sworn to kill us, I can’t help but worry that many will come in the guise of refugees but with nefarious intentions.

Is it merely coincidence that many of the “refugees” have been single, young men? Allowing that many people in without properly vetting them does not bode well for America. Especially since most suicide bombers and mass murderers from the Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, have been of that age group.

No, Sir, being an immigrant implies that a person has entered this country legally and is willing to become an American, and as Teddy Roosevelt said, “nothing but an American.” We must be absolutely sure they haven’t come to our shores with ulterior motives. Remember the husband and wife team that committed the horrendous mass murders in San Bernardino California? They were “vetted” and came here legally.

Instead of going after the terrorist threat (homegrown or otherwise) which has increased exponentially under their leftwing “leadership” the response of President Obama and wannabe president, Hillary Clinton, has been a call for more gun control legislation.

Further disarming the law abiding citizens will never stop terroristic acts, or some spineless coward who chooses to shoot up a church, shopping mall, movie theatre or school campus. Common sense says it is no accident that ALL of these shootings have occurred at “soft” targets. By that I mean places were no one could shoot back because of stupid gun control laws such as “No Gun Zones.”

The cowards who attack these soft targets are just that: Spineless, cowardly caricatures of real men. And yes, Foot Hood, Texas was a soft target in August 2009 for Army Psychiatrist, Major Nidal Hassan, because the personnel on most stateside military bases are not allowed to be armed. How ludicrous is that?

And that’s not to mention the “unmentionable” fact (at least by Hillary Clinton and Obama) that Major Hassan was a Muslim. If we are at war with “Radial” Islam, how the heck can we hope to be victorious when our military ranks are filled with possible enemies shooting at our backs? With the battle tactics employed by the feckless leaders of today, we would’ve lost both World Wars.

Let’s not forget one other important fact about this election. If Hillary is elected, she will load up the Supreme Court with socialist leaning, liberal Justices. At least two, and possibly three. Obama has already appointed two. These are lifetime appointments and they die in office or retire. Such a far leftwing balance in the Supreme Court will affect America for generations to come. I believe The Supreme Court and Congress should have term limits of four to eight years like the president. Oh well, that’s a whole ‘nuther subject for another day. I’ll make these last few comments then close.

If you like and want more of the same gutless, enemy kissing, anti-American, Godless, socialistic government we’ve suffered under for the past eight years, then by all means vote for Hillary. That is your right, just don’t vote more than once like a lot of folks did in the last two presidential elections.

Many people were recorded on camera admitting to this federal crime, but no one was indicted as far as I know. If so, it was kept under wraps. One would think video evidence would be enough for some arrests and convictions, but I guess it depended on who you voted for. As for me and my house, we’re voting for Donald Trump. Like many other folks, he wasn’t our first choice. We were for Dr. Ben Carson, then Ted Cruz. If Mr. Trump turns out to be a liar and stinker as president, then we’ll boot him to the curb as Obama should’ve been after his first term.

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