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Etheline's Corner

Spring is here and I have the prettiest Martha Washington Rose’s that I’ve ever had! Kutter and I planted some strawberries and pansies too.

The Eagles Nest has changed hands once more. Sue Barage is running it now.

My friends Rhonda and Bob Jett have retired and are enjoying themselves.

Had dinner with Patty, Marilyn, Billy, Dean and Bennilyn for my Birthday. Patty made me a pineapple upside down cake. So good! We always enjoy getting together.

Kim Havard has a secret! She has been invited to join the quilt club. They are based in Woodville. I don’t know if she accepted but I know she was excited to be asked.

My heart is so sad for the lost of my dear friend Wanda Massey. When l was in the 7th grade she was our secretary. I always got to go with her to take the sick kids home. She was so nice and kind. Then when I return to Zavalla school it was an honor to be able to work with her again. She always took the time with the students. She will be dearly missed. My heat goes out to the Massey family.

The school also lost Ann Hough. She was one of the bus driver and was a kind kind lady. She had retired but her kids still knew and loved her. My prayers​ to Sue and Donna in the dark days ahead. Just keeping looking up.

Saw Alice and Roger in the grocery store. Shopping is one of those things we all have to do but I do my best visiting in that store. I get to see everyone.

Ernis Day has a new truck. It is so very pretty!

I visited with Wanda Peters at the Dairy Mart in Broaddus. I just can’t pass by there without getting some of those homemade onion rings.

My friend Ronnie Runnels is running for City Council. Ronnie is a graduate from Zavalla and is also a veteran.

Had a good visit with Mittie Ray and it is always good to see her. And she got a chance to visit with Dean Jones who is an old friend of Burton.

Blessing to everyone. Enjoy your spring. Happy Easter.

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