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Huntington City Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteering is a choice that each of us has made. We are not paid for the job, we do not have the newest fire trucks, equipment or fire gear. So you ask Why, why do we do it and risk so much as a volunteer. We have a desire to help our fellow man, our teachers, our community leaders, our neighbors, our families; young and old, male and female. We will show up in your time of need no matter how bad or simple the call, We will be there. You need to hang a Christmas wreath and need a taller ladder, We will be there; You wreck your vehicle, We will be there; You burn some brush on your property and the wind pushes it out of control, We will be there; You burn your bacon and set off the smoke alarm company, We will be there.

We choose to be there, we choose to leave our families to come help yours in times of need. We choose to be there for our community. We want to watch it grow and expand, to watch the little things as a simple smile from a worried mother, to give relief to an exhausted father battling the blaze in the yard, to be a hand to hold time of despair. We love, We care, and we treat each one the same. We have all asked ourselves What if that was my house, my memories, my parents, my children; We would want someone to be there for us. So for our pay it’s a simple “Thank you” , a smile, a hand shake. It’s the little things some have long forgotten.

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