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Etheline’s Corner

Hello from sunny California!! I made a road trip to see my Uncle Ben and family. Richard and Crystal gave me this wonderful trip for Mother’s Day. I am so thankful for my family!

My heart is sad for the family of Hubert. What a wonderful man and his daughters area reflection of him and their sweet mom.

My friend Berry Burch has been very sick. Please lift him and his family up. I remember the first time that I saw him. He was in his uniform and very handsome. His brother Tommy was like a part of our family.

I went to visit with Miss Fay Denman and she gave me such a blessing. What a wonderful woman she is.

Did not make the Havard Reunion this year at Tom Havard’s. I hope everyone had a good time. The kids and I went up to put flowers out for Mom and Donna. I remember Miss Tatum always made this hot spaghetti that was so good. As a child Grandpa Cameron and I made them all.

I missed Marilyn’s birthday party on the 20th. We all try to get together for our birthdays (go class of 1972!). I love those guys. Bennilynn’s is in June so I can catch up with the girls then.

My grandkids Riley and Kutter both got awards at school. A/B so proud of them. Kutter also got a trophy for reading. Huntington School has been so good for them both. I am proud of being a part of HISD.

Hope everyone is ready for summer and lots of fun. I know the kids are sure ready. Summer break always meant picking veggies and canning when I was growing up. And it seems like everything got ready to pick at the same time. We would pull 100’s of ears of corn and clean while Mom would cut it off for cream style corn. This was an all day job! Grandpa Ivy had picked the purple hull peas and we would shell them at night while we watched TV. Mom used to say corn waits for no man. It is ready one day and to hard the next. I sure hated to cut the Okra through. That was the worst job ever.

As I look back, I remember all this and realize just how close our family was. All that hard work made us very lucky people.

Blessings to all of you.

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