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Know Your Candidates

Two Candidates Have Their Last Say For One Commissioner Seat

Before You VOTE Know Your Candidate. Because Good Government is Priceless and WeCan’t Afford Bad Government

The difference between my opponent and I are distinct. He believes we should be raising taxes and did so while he was commissioner 4 years ago. I believe that cutting taxes will grow our economy and it has. As commissioner, I will continue to advocate for more tax cuts in the future, my opponent has professed intent of raising taxes. Even a small tax increase to some people is a lot of money that they can’t afford.

A second and more profound difference between my opponent and I is the hardtop road budget. During his 4 years as commissioner. My opponent allocated $968,998 but only used $760,834. With the roads in Pct 4 needing as much maintenance as can possibly be provided, why didn’t he use the other $209,162? So if your wondering why our roads weren’t maintained to the highest of standards possible, now we know. In 2011 when my opponent took office from then Commissioner Lynn George, my opponent was left a hardtop road budget of $365,377 and only used $294,988 dollars of it. In 2015 when I took office from my opponent, he left a hardtop road budget of $170,668 we increased that budget to $199,668 my first year in office. My opponent cut the hardtop road budget every year he could when he was in office. I have done just the opposite. I have increased the hardtop road budget every opportunity I’ve been given without raising taxes.

Comparing my 3 years as commissioner, we have invested a total of $785,673 in hardtop road improvements. That’s $24,839 more in my three years as commissioner than his 4 years total. Our hardtop road budget for 2018 is almost $300,000 which is allocated for road improvement’s this coming year. I can assure the people of Pct 4 that I will continue to invest as much tax dollars as possible to help improve our county road infrastructure, as I have done for the past 3 years.

My opponent failed to stand up for the people of Zavalla when he supported the closure of your courthouse, the elimination of your Justice of the Peace and Constables office. My opponent has fooled us once, shame on him. If we let him fool us again, shame on us. Vote to re-elect Bobby Cheshire for Commissioner of Pct. 4 on March 6 during the Republican Primary. I’m pulling for Zavalla.

A Message to the Voters of Precinct 4 from Scott Cooper.

As you read this, early voting is wrapping up and Election Day is just around the corner on March 6th. If you have not yet voted and are still deciding on who you wish to elect for your next commissioner I thought I would give you a little more information to help you with your decision. So here goes:

As a former County Commissioner I am well versed in the needs of the people within Precinct 4 and Angelina County. I have seen the lack of quality in the job performance by the current Commissioner and am disappointed. So, after having many inquiries asking me to run, and much thoughtful prayer, I decided to seek this position again. Angelina County deserves the best elected officials possible. Citizens should be able to trust that our Commissioner will tell us the whole truth and keep to his word when given. We also need a Commissioner who will look to the future and try new things to improve our county while staying within budget. Doing things the same old way just does not work anymore. We need a Commissioner who has a plan for the future. I have the knowledge, experience and a vision to improve precinct 4. This is why I am stepping up to serve Precinct 4 and Angelina County again.

One of the greatest concerns of our rural residences is the roads. We have been using the same materials and techniques since the 50s. There are newer materials that can be used to make hard surface roads for one third the cost. If we do not look to use new methods, then we will fall farther and farther behind in our road repairs. The current material being used is Oil Sand which costs between $30,000 and $40,000 per mile. One of the new materials that can be used will cost around $10,000 per mile and will work very well on the lower traffic roads in the county. Using this material will allow us to make headway in rebuilding our aging infrastructure. We must innovate in order to move forward.

While I have been on the campaign trail people have told me they are also very concerned about the shortage of patrol deputies. Our Sheriff has been trying to resolve this issue with the court for years, but to no avail. We must find a way to support the request of the people and increase their safety. We must look at any and all options to resolve this issue. Currently there is a lack of support on the Commissioners court to find a solution. It takes working together towards a goal in order to achieve that goal. Communication of possible solutions to the public is vital in order that you are informed about the available choices, then you let us know how you wish us to proceed. I will work hard to find a solution that you can support.

We need a Commissioner who understands the budget process and how taxation really works. The current Commissioner has been posting campaign signs that state “I Cut Taxes” This is incorrect since the County Judge has not presented a budget that has included a tax cut or a tax increase within the last three years. The County Judge has stated this at each budget public hearing and during his State of the County address to the Chamber of Commerce. I reported on budgets and taxes for many years as a news journalist and worked on budgets and taxes for four years as Commissioner. I know how they work.

Also, please hold us accountable for what we say. Don’t just accept us at our word. Ask around and verify our statements and claims. We both have records. Check us out.

And, finally, here is just a little bit about me. For most of my life I have lived in East Texas. My mother’s side of the family is from Houston County. I have been married to my wonderful wife Kris for almost 20 years. We are members of Southside Baptist church where we serve regularly on the hospitality committee. I am a Leadership Lufkin graduate and serve on the Boys and Girls Club of Lufkin Advisory Committee. In 2014, I received the Commissioners Court Advanced Certificate. I am also a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University and for 18 years I worked in the news department at KTRE-TV covering stories all around East Texas.

If you want a Commissioner with knowledge, experience, and a vision for the future then please vote for Scott Cooper. Thank you for your consideration.

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