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Huntington United Methodist Church News

Huntington United Methodist Church News

We must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” ~ Acts 20:35

McMahan Chapel is the oldest Methodist Church with continuous service in Texas. The first church building was constructed of logs in 1837; the second building erected in 1872; the third in 1900; and the present Chapel was completed in 1949. This church is located off 103 East between Bronson and San Augustine. On Saturday, March 17, 2017 Janet Thomas, Linda Dixon, Betty Hall and Marjorie Clark from our local United Methodist women’s group attended the district meeting at McMahan Chapel. Dr. Dick White was the guest speaker. A tour of the grounds, museum and cemetery, along with a delicious lunch, was enjoyed by all.

Birthdays for March included Sam Cain, Ricky Sammons, Samantha Webb, Byford Sheffield, Laura Scott, Abbee Thigpen, Greg Huggins, sissy Billeck, Sharon Murrell, Phelsia Smith, and Hayleigh Holder. Happy Anniversary wishes are extended to Hubert and Pam Kirkland and Paul and Sue Nerren.

Dr. Lorraine Brown, Associate Pastor at First United Methodist Church, Nacogdoches will be the guest speaker at the UMW meeting on May 1, 2018. She will be speaking on “Living in a Covenant Community”. Everyone is invited. A light lunch will follow in the fellowship hall. Please RSVP to Marjorie Clark at 876-4503 or Linda Dixon at 897-3409 before April 25, 2018.

We have three senior girls graduating from Huntington High School in May. Dominique Burnett, Sydni Gibson and Emily Hottman (gosh, y’all grew up too fast). A brunch in honor of these girls will be held in the near future.

Imagine this: If you had $86,400 in your account and someone stole $10.00 from you, would you be upset and throw all the remaining $86,390 away in hopes of getting back at the person who took the $10.00? Or move on and live? Right, move on and live. See, we all have 86,400 seconds each day. Don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the remaining 86,390. Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is bigger than that!

If you are searching for a church home, we invite you to visit our church. Sunday School begins at 10:00 am; worship at 11:00 am; KIC and Extreme Teens Wednesdays at 6:00pm; Loose Threads Thursdays at 9:00 am and UMW is on the first Tuesday at 10:00 am.

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