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City of Huntington Has Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Donated

City of Huntington Has Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Donated

by Paula Botsford, BSN, R.N.

Public Health Educator

The availability and use of AED’s can be a critical link in the system of survival for individuals that experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This life-threatening emergency occurs when the heart unexpectedly stops beating. After a cardiac arrest, time until defibrillation is critical, every minute counts! According to the American Heart Association, “When Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens, the person collapses, becomes unresponsive, and is not breathing normally. They may appear to be gasping, snoring or having a seizure.”

Communities can maintain a rapid response time from collapse to arrival on the scene of a CPR trained person with a defibrillator. Most importantly survival depends on the quick actions of people nearby to call 911, start CPR, and use an AED to restart the heart.

The Angelina County and Cities Health District through the Texas Healthy Communities Program (TXHC) provided leadership and funding for this donation to The City of Huntington. This program is administered by The Texas Department of State Health Services. Texas Healthy Communities Program, administered by the Texas Department of State Health Services was developed to reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke in Texas, empowering communities to take action and make positive changes to improve health.

We can continue to become a healthier community, leading the way for the next generation to have a better quality of life!

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