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Business Owners Buyer's Pool

Business Owners Buyer’s Pool

Comes Through Again

by Karolyn Klaes

The students from this community who participated in the Angelina County Youth Fair earlier this year had someone looking out for their best interests again: The Huntington Business Association’s “Business Owners Buyer’s Pool”. This is a group of local businesses and individuals who help insure that our local students get a fair price for all their projects during the Youth Auction.

Between fund raisers and collecting donations throughout the year from the community the Buyer’s Pool is able to spread the funds to help more participants. This year was no different.

For the 2017-2018 school year, the Buyer’s Pool was able to collect $11,708.00. With that money the buyers pool purchased $6,300.00 in animals at the youth fair from our local students. The remaining $5,408.00 remaining will be divided amongst the students who had animal projects at the Youth Fair this year at an Appreciation Banquet held in July.

The Huntington Business Owners Association is extremely appreciative of those who donated their funds to help these bright, talented students. Without your assistance none of this would be possible. Those who donated to this worthy cause are:

• Ambit Energy

• Burrous Dozer - Huntington

• Christine Johnson - Huntington

• Danny Redd - Huntington

• David and Deana Wilde - Huntington

• Deans Meat Service - Huntington

• Down Home Property - Huntington

• Dues Wrecker - Lufkin

• Durrett Ready Mix - Lufkin

• Earth & Stone - Lufkin

• Extreme Collision - Diboll

• Freddie and Joyce Smith - Lufkin

• Integra Insurance - Huntington

• Jerry’s Tire Shop - Huntington

• Jamie Hopper - Huntington

• Jimmy Horton - Lufkin

• K & G Trailer - Huntington

• Larry and Karon Joiner - Huntington

• Lil Boots - Huntington

• Liza’s Garden - Huntington

• Loggins & Sons

• Maddux Building - Lufkin

• Melissa Holcombe - Huntington

• My Trash Service - Huntington

• Pam Hooton - Huntington

• Sound Tech - Lufkin

• Southern Tile - Huntington

• Terry Pitts - Huntington

• Texas State Bank - Huntington

• Tom Brown A/C - Huntington

• Total Performance - Lufkin

• Tyson Driver - Huntington

• Tom Havard - Huntington

• Wankan Pipeline & Utility

• White Tractor - Huntington

• Cash Donations Jar at Jerry’s Tires

The businesses and individuals listed above are what allowed these funds to be collected for our local students. They all deserve a big applause and a “Thank You”. They understanding that these students are this community’s future needing to be supported and encouraged.

There is one couple in particular who also need to be thanked; George and Carla Kelley of Jerry’s Tires in Huntington. These two individuals have worked so hard this year in making sure the buyer’s pool was the most successful ones yet. They truly have given 100% to these kids and from the dollar amount that was collected, it shows. This is one couple who really have the best interests of our kids in mind. Thank you both.

Plans are already underway for the 2018-2019 school year so everyone be ready. The Buyer’s Pool would like to see next year beat out the total of this year but they will not be able to accomplish that without the assistance of the community. So when someone stops by in the future asking for donations to go towards the Buyer’s Pool, please donate generously. This is our future you are giving to and it is definitely worth it.

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