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So I was Thinking ......

So I was Thinking ......

by Bill Stewart

July is already here, and as a result, we find ourselves thinking about the Independence Day holiday. Of course, what would July 4th be without a day away from work, a cookout, family and friends gathering to celebrate, spending time on the lake, going to visit recreational spots that have been favorite places for ever-so-long? These things all sound relaxing, enjoyable, and fun for the entire family, but one thing seems to be missing from this collection of activities. I was recently reminded of that particular holiday pastime.

In late June, I had to opportunity to attend the Texas City Management Association conference in Galveston, one the favorite Texas tourist attractions of people everywhere. Being in that coastal resort area at the end of the week, I was delighted to witness a spectacular event that takes place in the bay each Friday and Saturday evening throughout the summer months.

Several of the conference attendees sat on the sandy beach and thoroughly enjoyed a spectacular display of fireworks. It was one of the most enjoyable, entertaining, and fun activities I’ve either participated in or watched in quite some time. The show lasted about 15 minutes, and to add to the appreciation of those looking on, it was free!

Listening to the Boom! Boom! Boom! of the fireworks and watching the bright white and colored remnants of the explosives showering the saltwater as it rushed in from the gulf, I remembered the large variety of fireworks hidden away in a private secluded area at home. Needless to say, they have been hidden away for three particular reasons. The first is that I didn’t want anyone finding them and setting them off unless I was there to help prevent injuries or fires. The second reason is that I really didn’t want my home bosses to know how much was stored away that could have been utilized during the last July, December, or January holidays. The third, and to be perfectly honest, the main reason is that I have been attempting to conceal the amount of money I spent on all of it!

So, I was thinking… I’ll remove all those loud, sparkling, expensive fireworks, hide them in my truck and, upon taking them inside the house, explain how a stranger stopped by my office and gave them to me. I’ll then invite my extended family, neighbors, and friends to drop by just before dark on Wednesday, July 4th, and put on a top-notch fireworks display for them. (By the way, if you plan to come by, attendance is free, but only if you don’t forget to bring homemade ice cream and pecan pie!)

Have a safe and happy July 4th. Please don’t forget the reason we celebrate, to be thankful for those who have given us our freedoms, and pray for those who help to maintain it.

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