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A Word From Your Pct. #4

A Word From Your Pct. #4

County Commissioner

by Bobby Cheshire

Pct. #4 Angelina County


First let me begin by saying that it has been an honor to have served you for the past four years as your County Commissioner. I look forward to serving you for another four years and will continue to serve as long as “You The People” ask me to do so.

We are ready for 2019, however the weather wasn’t very kind to Angelina County Road and Bridge departments last year. Record rainfall has kept us from many much needed road repairs and it doesn’t look like the rain is going to let up anytime soon. But when it does, we’ll be ready. We have upgraded more of our old outdated equipment and plan to make good use out of it. Too often in the past Pct 4 has had to rely on rental equipment or borrowing equipment from other precincts when they aren’t using it themselves. That being said, we’re ready for the new year and a break from the tropical rainfall we’ve been receiving.

Angelina County’s economic growth is on the increase and there are many good things happening in our workforce development for future growth. This has been a major priority for the Commissioner’s Court over the last several years in bringing new job growth and development to Angelina County. It will continue to be our focus in years to come.

Working with our State Representative and other elected officials in a partnership environment has been very beneficial to all who live in Angelina County. The 86th Texas Legislative Session will no doubt be a busy one for 2019.

Standing against unfunded mandates is a priority which will put more tax burden on Angelina County property owners. We will need your help to protect our homeowners from this over burdensome financial strain that we all feel from having to fund our local government.

The Texas Legislature meets every two years for 180 days. On average the Legislators file over 6000 bills for consideration to become law. We in local government, City Councils, School Board Districts and County Commissioners feel that we would probably be a lot better off if they met for two days every 180 years. It would be a lot less painful on our pocketbooks.

Moving forward, please pray for all of your government officials as we move into 2019. We’re going to need all the strength and support we can get from you in the future to do the job you have elected us to do because public services is a sacrifice.

We pray that God blesses you and your family as well. It’s an honor to serve.

Thank You for the privilege.

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