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Sheila's Potpourri Two

Sheila's Potpourri Two

by Sheila Scogin

Fall is fast approaching so the Catfish Festival is right around the corner! October 6th will be here before we get ready for fall excitement. Usually October is a good month for outside activities so hopefully the weather will cooperate for a great day. Team Allegro plans to be here and Randy is very excited about seeing friends and family again.

Lulla and Bob Adams were in Colorado Springs, Colorado to help Cade, Cole and Ella Carroll shop for back to school clothes. Cade is attending Colorado State University, Cole is in high school and Ella is in junior high. Bob was picking Ella up at school and had to go inside to get an identification card to do this. It is a shame that school and other work places have to have such safety measures for protection.

Cade and Cole were careful shoppers but Ella is a dedicated shopaholic. They would have never gotten home if big brother Cade had not given Ella an ultimatum with her buying. She likes everything she sees but how many other females are just like her? Bob and Lulla enjoyed the cooler weather and the day they left it was 53 degrees and coming into Texas 103 degrees. That could have tempted folks to turn around and extend the vacation. Cletus and Gladys Russell made their annual trip to Kansas for a reunion of Gladys’ family. Traveling with them were their daughters Nancy and Billy Allen, and Janice Brooks. A member of the family passed away and they were able to see more people than expected. So many people will be able to attend a visitation or funeral but then that will be it until someone else dies.

Terrye Burrous and I visited a few minutes at the grocery store. It is great to hear about her mother who is Charlie Mae Herrington. That lady has just turned 90 and is able to clean her own house and likes to attend church.

Michael Ross at Loper’s Pharmacy was telling me about the three year old twins Brittany and Bellamy Ross. I asked him if the girls were teaching this semester. He laughed and said if someone would listen they could and would teach. Their mom Liz teaches in the Huntington School system. They are going to a day school two days a week and the first day Michael said they were excited when they had to wake up and go. The second day they were not so willing to go but he showed me a picture of them asleep almost by the time they were buckled into their seats. They were not happy when he tried to wake them the second time! I could not believe their older brother Clayton Ross just turned nine years old. Liz had brought him for show and tell to the pharmacy when he was a few months old.

Happy late birthday to Clayton and also to long time friend Sarah Jane Truett Colwell who turned 84 last month. Cletus and Gladys Russell will celebrate their 74th wedding anniversary in October and Cletus will be 96 years old. Congratulations!

Labor Day and Joe Charanza’s birthday were celebrated with a cookout at Jill, Donald and Luke Young’s. Also enjoying the day were Jordon, Ashley, Kayla, Dakota, Katie Joe and Ellie Grace Young.

Anne Belle Bas3ey and Beatrice Massoth were grocery shopping on different mornings. Bob Rice was at the beauty shop when I arrived.

When I went to Dr. Keith Hancock for my yearly eye checkup I really did not expect him to announce that the cataract on each of my eyes needed to be taken off. I had known when the time came (as I knew it would) I would go to Dr. Daniel Kravitz who is in the building where Dr. Ruckman was before he retired. My sister Christal Shaw drove me and even though I knew nothing about Dr. Kravitz he and all the people who work there were so nice.

The preparation took longer than the surgery. The next morning my next door neighbor Sharon Berry and her five month old grandson Wyatt took me back to get the checkup. I rode in the back seat with the baby. Sharon said we should feel privileged that Wyatt’s mom Jessa let us take him with us. Sharon had picked him up from his bed and put him in the car seat and he was half asleep with his pacifier. Luckily we didn’t stay stopped at the traffic light very long so he dozed until we got to the lights at the loop. They had to go all around and he spit the pacifier out and was just getting to the point of frustration when the car was going again to his pleasure.

Christal drove me back for the second eye surgery and Tommie Lowery took me back the next morning. AS many times as I have driven south on South 69 I still was not prepared for how bright the sun was. I needed at least a half dozen pairs of dark glasses. It has been 59 years since I began wearing glasses and I only need them now for reading. A special thank you is sent to all who helped me to be able to see again.

Melba Duran had me laughing by telling me about hers and her husband Jack’s cataract removal. She was first with her surgery and did like most women and walked to the car afterwards. She was busy the remainder of the day but was careful to do what the instructions said. Later, his surgery came around and when it was over the nurses had to get him p and “poured” him into a wheelchair and finally manhandled him into the car seat. He slept all the way home and when they got into the garage, she woke him up enough to tell him he was going to have to WALK into the house. Finally, with her guiding him, he made it to the couch and slept the remainder of the day.

If you can, be sure to make it to the Catfish Festival on October 6th at Huntington’s Centennial Park. And when you do get there, go find the Allegro trailer and say “Hi” to Randy.

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